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Solar Panel Rail Mid Clamp 35mm

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A universal and code compliant mounting system for attaching solar panels to the roof of your property. Designed to be used with either tiled or tin roofs, with any slope from 0-60° (either flat or pitched), and fully cyclone rated even for wind region D. The easy insertion modules mean that you don't have to slide each attachment along the rail to get it in place, they slot in quite easily at the very spot you want to attach them. For use with 35mm thick modules, a full range of components are available.


• Cyclone proof to Wind Region D (installation guide must be strictly adhered to)
• Vertical or horizontal panel mounting
• Suits any solar panel width, but optimised for 800-825mm width
• Suitable for aluminium framed panels
• 10 year materials warranty
• AS/NZS 1170 approved
• Roof slope: up to 60°
• Wind load: 80m/s
• Snow load: 1.4kNm^2

Suits raill track of 21mm internal width


Sold individually, 2 rails required for each row of solar panels
• 2560mm Rail, for 3x 800-825mm width panels in portrait layout, HS-8800
• 3405mm Rail, for 4x 800-825mm width panels in portrait layout, HS-8801
• 4200mm Rail, for 5x 800-810mm width panels in portrait layout, HS-8802

Rail splice, HS-8803
Sold individually, required to join two lengths of rail in line

End Clamps, 35mm, HS-8804
Sold individually, required to clamp the end solar panels outer edges to the rails

Mid Clamp, 35mm, HS-8805
Sold individually, required to clamp down the edges of two adjacent solar panels

Tile Roof Hook, HS-8806
Sold individually, attaches the rail to the building frame underneath a tiled roof

Tin Roof Hook, HS-8807
Sold individually, attaches the rail to the building frame underneath a tin roof

Adjustable Tilt Legs:
Sold individually, required for mounting onto a flat roof to obtain correct panel angle
Each back leg requires a front leg to match with it

• Adjustable Tilt Front Leg, HS-8810
• Adjustable Tilt Back Leg 10-15°, HS-8811
• Adjustable Tilt Back Leg 15-30°, HS-8812
• Adjustable Tilt Back Leg 30-60°, HS-8813

NOTE: This is a special order line which is not stocked in all retail stores but can be ordered. Please call your local store to check if they have stock on hand.

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Warranty: 120 Months