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ID Heatshrink Marker Sleeves 20 x 60mm Pk 20

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These marker sleeves are used to identify wire and cable, tools, and hoses. They can withstand abrasion and exposure to cleaning solvents and industrial fluids. The sleeves are flame retardant and can be used as electrical insulation. You can write on it with a ball point pen or marker to make cable or loom identification and tracing a snap. It can also be printed on with thermal transfer equipment. They're supplied in packets of 20 in two different diameters.

* Temperature rate: -55 - 135°C
* Dielectric strength ≥ 19.7KV/mm
* Shrink rate: 3:1
* UL certified

ID Heatshrink Marker Sleeves 20 x 60mm Pk 20 Cat No. WH-5527
ID Heatshrink Marker Sleeves 9 x 60mm Pk 20 Cat No. WH-5528

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Warranty: 3 Months