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ESD Safe Sidecutters

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Specifically for ESD work. High quality Japanese designed, Italian manufactured cutters especially for static-sensitive applications.

Handy Tip When stainless Steel is not the best!

We are big fans of stainless steel. We love it in tools, fasteners & many building products. It is not, however, always the best material. Top chefs will tell you, for example that the best knives are not stainless, they are made out of carbon steel.
Why? Carbon steel is far harder &tougher than stainless. The problem of course is that carbon steel will rust if not maintained. In our search for the best hand-tools we have decided to stock two very high quality Japanese-made products made out of carbon - steel. They are not cheap but they are for the professional user whose time is money. Like carbon steel knives, rust is not a problem if used constantly.
They will, however, pay you back every day because they will stand up to heavy wear & tear.
For those who have only occasional use for hand tools, we sincerely recommend stainless steel products.

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Hardened Steel


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Hardened Steel

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