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Anderson SB50 Power Connector - 50A 6 Gauge Contacts

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Used widely in both domestic and industry to create a safe and secure power connection. You will find this connector in many 4WD applications, boating, automotive and other industries. Supplied individually with a pair of contacts.

Contact Wire Size: 6AWG
Max Wire Insulation Diameter: 11mm
Contact Retention Force: 22kg
Operating Temperature: -20 to +120 °C

Handy Tip Assembling Anderson Style Connectors

These connectors come with absolutely no assembly instructions which might surprise some. Assembly is self evident however. All that you really have to do is solder-sweat the heavy gauge wire into the 'pot' on the end of the connector tip. It is a good idea to puddle some solder into the pot and then lower the tinned wire into the pot. It may be necessary to apply some more heat (usually with a small gas torch or stove gas top)to get the whole lot to melt. Try to keep the joint immobile until the solder 'sets', then cool off under tap water. And of course you can always crimp the lead into the solder cup, but this should really be done professionally. A piece of heat shrink tidies the job nicely. The wire/lug/contact then just snaps into the housing.

Plug or Socket

Pack Quantity
Connection Cover
Plug or Socket Type
Anderson 50A 2 Pole
Contacts / Pins
Attachment Method
Case Material
Colour Coded
Light Grey

DC Voltage Rating

DC Voltage

DC Current Rating

DC current rating

Operating Temperature and Humidity

Operating Temperature

Packaged Dimensions

Packaged Volume
Packaged Weight
Packaged Length
Packaged Width
Packaged Height

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