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ADSL2+ In-Line Splitter / Filter

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If you have an ADSL2+ Internet connection, you'll need a compatible filter to keep unwanted noise from the phone or fax line. ADSL filters are not suitable as they don't allow the 2.2MHz bandwidth required for ADSL2+ and you won't get the full speed of your connection. Three different types available, a single in-line filter for use with extra phones or fax line, a filter/splitter for use with the primary line with the modem and phone line connected to it and a central filter for use when an alarm dialler or large number of phone outlets exist. Complies with ACIF S041.

YT-6091 : ADSL2+ In-Line Filter
YT-6093: ADSL2+ Filter/Splitter
YT-6099: ADSL2+ Central Filter

Handy Tip What is ADSL & VDSL?

ADSL stands for A symmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that allows data to be sent at high speeds across copper phone lines rather than conventional voice-band modems.ADSL2+ provides double the downstream rate compared to ADSL, from 12Mbps to 24Mbps. Data speed is dependent on the distance between the user's modem to the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber LineAccess Multiplexer), usually located at the local telecom exchange. VDSL stands for Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, which provides a faster data transmission than ADSL. VDSL is able to support applications like HDTV and VOIP (Voice over IP), and able to downstream data up to 100Mbps (or 300Mbps using VDSL VPlus).

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