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50k Ohm Linear (B) Single Gang 24mm Potentiometer

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With imperial standard shaft & bushings made to our rigid engineering specifications. The potentiometers are full size - 24mm diameter types . Power rating is 0.5W max. They have genuine 6.35mm (1/4) shafts with a flat machined 25% of the diameter for grubscrews or interference fit knob mounting. The shaft is a generous 38mm long. The bush is a 3/8 32 T.H.D. type which we believe is necessary for good fixing to a panel. Another important feature of the pots is their PCB mount capability. The pins are rigidly mounted on phenolic with the centre pin offset from the two outer terminals. When soldered into a PCB, the pot is quite rigidly held on its own. Double gangpots are held in 6 places and require no extra mechanical mounting assistance. The pins are large enough to terminate screened cable, etc., if the job requires hard wiring. An engineering drawing appears below. You may safely use it to design PCB artwork etc., as we have standardised this design.Value 50K

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Log or Linear?
Potentiometer Knob Type
Imperial D
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Potentiometer Diameter
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potentiometer nut size
24mm(3/8inch 32THD)

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Panel, Through Hole
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Metal can
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3 count
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