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256GB M.2-2280 NVMe/PCIe SSD Reads 1992MB/s, Writes 1221MB/s

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Whether you're at work, at home gaming, or on the go, ordinary bootup and read/write speeds can frustrate your best-laid plans.

Those days are now long gone thanks to M.2 NVMe Solid State Drives (SSD), booting and file transfers really fly. The ample storage and performance are accelerated by the latest NVM technology, and being an SSD gives you the speed and dependability you need.

256GB Read 2500MB/s Write 1000MB/s
512GB Read 2500MB/s Write 1950MB/s

Less Lag Time

Give your computer quicker read/write speeds so you can work more efficiently or game without frustrating lag times. An HMB (Host Memory Buffer) and SLC Caching Intelligence algorithm bring a smoother user experience.

No Moving Parts

Its solid-state design provides the speed and dependability you need, and reduces the chance of mechanical failure.

Meets Your Storage Needs

256GB and 512GB capacity options to store your applications, media and files.

Speedy Storage

NVMe technology and four channel transmission enables super fast data speeds, much faster compared to SATA SSD. 256GB up to 1992Mbps read, 1221Mbps write speeds. 512GB up to 2048Mbps read, 1634Mbps write speeds.

Ultra-thin Design

The M.2-2280 form factor measures just 80mm long x 22mm wide x 3.5mm thick.

Hard Drives

HDD Form Factor
Read/Write Speeds
Read 2500MB/s Write 1000MB/s

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Warranty: 12 Months

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